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    Business Offices and Conference Rooms

    For video options we can install your LCD/LED or Plasma Flat panel Screens, from the waiting room to your office, impress your clients with today's ever changing technology. We specialize in Projector Installations for your modern Conference Room. From projector screens dropped down from the ceiling to smart boards to Surround Sound Installation we are equipped to handle all of your business needs.

    Finding ways to work more efficiently is simply good business. By video-enabling your organization, the ability to communicate and share information in real time is a distinct competitive advantage. Synergy Installs can help you with the best video-conferencing, audio-conferencing, and real-time collaboration technologies. Our solutions will allow you to communicate with people in remote locations as if you were meeting face-to-face.

    Conferencing systems allow your organization and employees to make decisions at the speed of thought and bring people together at a moment’s notice, no matter where they are. We can design and install a complete conferencing system for your organization, which will help you save more, earn more, and create more efficient processes.

    Restaurants, Retail Spaces and Bars

    distributed audio and video for a restaurant, bar, auditorium, retail space, fitness center, or house of worship, Coming Attractions can provide you with an effective yet simple to use system.

    At Coming Attractions, we know that every audio/ video installation is unique. That’s why every audio visual design and installation package we complete is customized. Give us a call and we’ll work with you to design the video and sound system that fits your needs, your space - and your budget.

    Whether you are filling a sports bar with 20 screens to see every game at every angle or looking for a thumping sound system for the hottest new lounge, we’ll work with you to create the system of your dreams.

    when it comes time for us to complete your audio visual project, you won’t have any surprises. We stay as close to our estimate as possible, which is based on years of industry experience. We’ve completed audio/ video installations and video & sound system design and consultation in venues that include:

    • Sports bars
    • Restaurants
    • Corporate offices
    • Houses of worship
    • Retail venues
    • Galleries
    • Show rooms

    Some of the audio visual services we offer include:

    • Consultation, design and installation for audio visual systems
    • Zoned audio and video systems
    • Control systems
    • Systems integration
    • Digital signage packages

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